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Press1Sather’s Jewelers presents donation at Hope Lives! Gala

Sid Sather and Julie Sather-Browne present a check for $2100.00 to Lydia Dody at the 14th Annual Celebrate Life in the Pink Hope Lives! Gala. The event was held October 25, 2014 and raised more than $190,000 to benefit Hope Lives! The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center and their programs and services to support, strengthen and empower those touched by breast cancer in Northern Colorado. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Chartier Photography.





Press2Sather’s Leading Jewelers receives 2014 Champions of Hope Community Honoree Award

“Growing up in local business teaches you to give back to the community you live in. My forefathers were amazing examples of that. Our company is 105 years old this year so it is in our DNA for sure.

“When I attended a Hope Lives Gala 13 years ago there was a presentation featuring the voices of children and spouses over the PA system as their mother/wife walked out on stage. These women were at different stages in their fight for their lives. I started looking around the room at all the women realizing each one of us could potentially be on that stage. Each one of us is a mother, a sister, a daughter or a wife. I started to weep uncontrollably right there at my table and vowed to step up our participation in supporting the women in our community that are hurting and struggling to live. That night changed me forever.

“Since our participation with Hope Lives, we have had countless people come into our showroom and share their breast cancer stories, some of them survivors, some still fighting and also many were the families and friends of those stricken. They speak of the renewed hope and encouragement they have gained knowing that an entire community was supporting them financially, spiritually and emotionally. Hope Lives is exactly the support these men and women need.”



Sather’s Leading Jewelers featured in Style Magazine!

Press3“A small child, about five years old, stands before a glass jewelery case, spray bottle in one hand, a rag in the other. Though it’s hard for him to reach the top, he is focused on removing fingerprints with ammonia and elbow grease. “Pshhh” — The bottle fills the small room with scent and sound.This child is a Sather; the child’s exact name doesn’t matter, as every Sather son and daughter for five generations has held this job at some point. These children are lucky, because for 100 years now, they have been patiently inducted into their lifelong profession by the best in the jewelry business, their parents and grandparents. The first Sather’s jewelry store was opened in 1910, in Spooner, Wisconsin, by Art Sather. Lined up together on an unpaved street were a café where visitors could grab a 35 cent lunch, the local post office and that Sather’s store with the family name etched on the large front window. At the time, Art had no idea that he was beginning a dynasty.

Art’s brother, Sigurd Ludwig Sather, an initial partner in the Spooner store, moved to Craig, Colorado in 1931, where he opened his own jewelry business. Sigurd achieved enough success, even during a depression, that he was able to help three of his sons open stores in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. His fourth son, Howard, inherited the Craig store. Howard passed away in 1964, leaving the Craig store to his son, Sid Sather.Sid, now 74 years old, says, “In our family, you were expected to be in the jewelry business. That’s just what we did. Sometimes it was a challenge, but I loved it.” That dedication and passion for the profession is what has kept him returning to the store every morning for 45 years. Sid remembers: “As a child, I swept floors, washed windows and emptied wastebaskets. When I was 12, I would go down, shovel the walk, put the watches in the case and then go to school. Hard work was just the expectation.”— Corey Radman, Style Magazine