TanaTana and Rick’s Love story! Our love story actually begins approximately 29 years ago when Rick and I first met when we were both out with friends for FAC. There was certainly an attraction right away! Rick and I became good friends and hung out together when we could, however never dated each other as we were in other relationships at the time. Time would pass by and we wouldn’t see each other for several months, but we always had that mental connection and somehow knew that the we were in each other’s thoughts! We would occasionally have the conversation that we always thought that we would somehow be together, but that never happened. A few years passed and Life lead us in different directions and we married other people. I moved out of town and Rick started his life and a family here in Ft Collins. 15 years passed by, and we now know, that we each tried to contact the other with failed attempts during those years we were apart. We just continued to believe, that if we still had that mental connection, that the other would know that we were thinking about each other. Eventually, my marriage would end and I decided to move back to Ft. Collins and thought I would once again try to see if I could contact Rick, not knowing that he was now single as well. After many more failed attempts and the “Miricle” of Facebook, we finally connected! It was like we just started up were we left off, except this time we could have that relationship together. We have been together approximately 4 years now, and last April Rick surprised me with a marriage proposal when we were in Hawaii! It was a beautiful evening! He made it even more perfect when he proposed to me with my Mother’s diamond ring. I lost my mom when I was 16 years old and have kept the ring for all of these years in hopes of having it remade so I could wear it. When Rick gave me my Mother’s ring, it could not have been more perfect! We just happened to stop into Sather’s a couple of weeks ago to find that they were having a restyling event. With the much appreciated help of Ann, Julie and the staff, we had my Mom’s ring restyled. The ring now symbolizes so much more with the two diamonds, surrounded by the curves of the precious metals. Rick and I have definitely found our way back to each other and will finally be together for the rest of our lives! We are getting married in June and look forward to adding to our perfect love story! Thank you Sather’s for helping us make our story even more perfect then it already was! ‪#‎lovestory‬

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