Kathleen1I met Kathleen in church choir and as a member of worship team a couple years ago.  I had moved to St Louis and started going to a church there and within a short time had joined the choir.  Once in choir I got the opportunity to meet Kathleen and her family (parents and grandparents were all in the choir).  She was dating someone seriously at the time so for a little over a year we grew our friendship and got to know each other.  Over a year ago Kathleen mutually broke up with her long term boyfriend at the same time we were becoming very close.  A little while after that I had decided to move from St Louis to Fort Collins to join my family’s’ business.  Almost simultaneously Kathleen and I realized that our friendship was much more than that and in fact we had become best friends.  We started dating around that time and had a month together before I moved to Fort Collins.  After dating for long distance for a year we decided to get engaged.

Kathleen2The proposal took place at the St Louis Art Museum, which is located in Forest Park in the city.  Forest Park had been the site of many of our dates and a place that meant a lot to both of us.  We both are great art lovers and so I decided to propose in front of my favorite work in the museum (Monet’s Water Lillies).  Unfortunately there was a tour going on at the time and so I had to stall and walk around until we could get some privacy.  She realized what was going on and had a huge smile on her face while reveling my valiant attempt.  Once the area was clear I told her how much she meant to me and went down on one knee to open up the box and show the beautiful ring.  She said yes and she’s been showing it off ever since!

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