Jonathan1It was a clear, summer day. The perfect weather for a proposal. I had gone into Sather’s Jewelers a couple weeks earlier and found the ring that I knew she was going to love. Michie was scheduled to work that day, but little did she know I had called her manager earlier in the week asking if she could let her out an hour early to give us some more daylight. The manager was excited to help and said she would send Michie home at 6:00 p.m. instead of 7:00.

I told Michie earlier that day that I wanted to pick her up from work and go on a date that night. She texted me really excited late in the afternoon and said she was going to get off an hour early that day and asked if I still wanted to come pick her up from work and head on to our date. I “acted surprised” and said I would love to still pick her up. After work, we went to Old Town Fort Collins for a nice sit down dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. I was trying to act natural at the table, but I definitely said a few stupid things trying to keep my mind off the near proposal. After dinner we went to City Park to go on a walk around the lake.

Jonathan2While all this was happening, my brother and his girlfriend were setting up everything that I had previously prepared for the proposal on a dock that goes out into the lake. They made everything look great and then hid as we came around the last turn. My heart started pounding faster and faster as I could see the dock. As we stepped on the dock, I walked her to the first station. This was a picture collage of all of our fun / crazy moments while we were dating. I then began to tell her how much fun I have with her and how she truly is my best friend. After that, I led her over to the next station which was a picture collage of all our “romantic moments” and best pictures together. Fighting through some tears, I went on to tell her how much I loved her and that I could not picture my life without her. We then went to the last station which had her favorite flowers set up. The last picture collage was of all the weddings we had previously been to together. I said “Michie, we have been to four weddings together this year, I think it’s time for one of our own.” I then pulled the ring out and proposed to the love of my life and SHE SAID YES!!!!

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