Jay1Our love story is pretty simple and sweet but a wonderful portrayal on waiting on the Lords timing. I met Jay at work after a wind storm thrashed his SUV. People meet everyday but I was definitely drawn to him from the start. However I assumed this charming, good looking man with a southern accent was married with four children. Nothing happened at first but I felt led to pray for him because at the time he was a remote medic working in Liberia.

Jay2Jay came back in later on after returning from another trip to Liberia. Using some methods one would only see in the movies, and hope to experience, he let his intentions be known that he was interested in me. Thankfully he was unattached! However, the remarkable part of our story is this was the first time Jay and I were neither looking for a relationship. After having a couple health scares I was finally content with by singleness and working on getting healthy. Jay was giving up and thought he would never find someone. It literally took an act of God to bring us together!

We met 4 1/2 years ago and it has been an amazing courtship. Now I am married to my best friend and the one that was always “waiting in the wings” like my mom always said that I would!

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