For a year my (now fiance!) and I had been planning an epic 2 week vacation from colorful Colorado, along the northern coast of California and all the way up to beautiful British Columbia, Canada. On the 11th day of our adventure we found ourselves riding a gondola to almost the top of one of the peaks at the Whistler Ski resort and getting ready to zip line back down through the thick forests! We had arrived at the first platform with the rest of our group of 10 people, ready to go with helmets and harnesses. Yet when the guides asked who wanted to be the first to take the leap no one said a word until my daredevil of a boyfriend (fiance!) volunteered us!

We snapped a quick before picture, and they hooked us up to the parallel lines. We counted down and began flying over the deep valley and river that lay below! A third of they way across my love yelled “RACHEL, WILL YOU MARRY ME” I grinned and yelled back “YES” laughing thinking he was just being romantic. Because I’m quite small my guy made it to the other end of the line a lot faster and was waiting for me when I slowed down and climbed on the platform. He asked one of the guides if she would take a picture of us, I told him to “leave her alone, she was working” the other zip liners would be flying down the line soon after us. He smiled and said that it was “really important,” then all of a sudden he pulled out a ring box from his shorts pocket, knelt down, and said, “I’m not kidding, Rachel, will you marry me?” I was so shocked and surprised!! Now I get to marry my soul mate and couldn’t be happier!!!
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