Jewelry Repair


Has your fine jewelry seen better days? Why not bring your cherished pieces to Sather's Leading Jewelers, where our expert jewelers will make them look as good as new.

Is your favorite chain broken, or are the prongs on your engagement ring wearing thin? Perhaps your ring is a bit too loose and needs to be sized. Or your white gold ring is looking dull and can use some rhodium plating.

We will evaluate your jewelry and give you an estimate for any repairs that may need to be done.

Our shop is equipped with the latest technology so every repair will be expertly done to our meticulous standards.

Offering experienced on-site jewelry repair with state-of-the-art jeweler’s technology, Sather’s Jewelers in Fort Collins provides outstanding repair services. Sather’s Jewelers also invested in a laser welder. “It has revolutionized how we jewelry repair and jewelry design” said Julie Sather. The laser takes the place of a gas torch in many cases, especially where heat sensitive gemstones or metals are involved. The laser melts the metal with a light beam instead of a flame made of oxygen and gas. Bathed in argon gas to prevent heat damage and oxidization (and the resulting discoloration to white metals like white gold, sterling or titanium), the laser pulses and supplies heat to a very small area, rather than spreading through the whole piece. “That allows you to get into prong areas,ridge work and fine filigree. “It’s very controllable.”

Repairanddesign2The result is pieces that are stronger, as there is no need to create a breakable weld, as well as being able to work on smaller and more delicate areas of jewelry repair with greater ease. “We love our customers. We love when they walk in the door and they’re smiling and happy,” said Sid Sather. “That’s what it’s all about. That’s why we have the finest jeweler in the city of Fort Collins sitting right there.” It is our way of knowing that way the customer’s taken care of. It never leaves our sight, totally secure and one-hundred percent guaranteed.”

Among the services we provide are the following:
Ring sizing
Jewelry cleaning and polishing
Ring shank replacement
Stone tightening
Stone replacement
Prong tightening and retipping
Chain shortening or lengthening
Chain repairs & clasp replacement
Rhodium plating
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