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Pucker Up RingsSather’s Jewelers, a family-owned business in Fort Collins, understands this devotion and the desire to symbolize your love with a ring. Whether you’re searching for engagement rings or wedding rings, Sather’s has a large selection of jewelry collections, designers, diamonds and gems and our vast variety is sure to impress the most meticulous eye. At Sather’s, it’s our goal to match you with the perfect engagement ring to represent the inspiring love you share.


From the start, you knew she was the one you were going to marry. You felt it deep within your chest, residing within your heart. You felt it when you looked at her, when you smiled at her and when you held her in your arms. That love, that passion, that commitment; they were evident during every moment of your relationship. This is the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. This is the person you were meant to marry.


Suddenly, it clicks. A light goes off in your head and you realize how drastically different your life would be without this person. This person is your other half, your mirror, your soul mate, your forever. The commitment is there, and you’re ready to share this overwhelming love with everyone. You want to make it know that you are theirs and they are yours.


You think about all of the things that make her unique, that things that have made you fall in love with her. You notice how the dimples form in her cheeks when she smiles. You notice the splatter of freckles across her nose and shoulders and the graceful way she floats across the room. Now, you search to find all of these things reflected in a piece of jewelry. The elegance, the class, the beauty, even the quirky mannerisms she exudes, you search for all of these in a wedding ring that you will place on her finger. A beautiful engagement ring to mirror the beauty you see in her and to signify the love you feel for her.


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The process of finding engagement rings isn’t easy, and not because there are hundreds of engagement rings to chose from, but because you are looking for the one ring that takes all of her complex qualities and combines them into one beautiful package. A wedding ring is a reflection of her, it’s a reflection of you, and it’s a reflection of the life you two will have together. It’s the beginning of something new and must be meticulously designed to represent your future. Sather’s Jewlers in Fort Collins is devoted to finding you the perfect ring. Wyoming residents click here.