Watches For Men & Watches for Women

TagHeuer1Technology has brought the watch industry through many changes. At Sather’s we feature a wide variety of both watches for men and watches for women. From the beautiful to the functional, let our sales staff show you one to meet all your needs.

  • Mechanicals are the traditional “wind-up” watches. They work because of a mainspring inside the watch which the wearer winds by turning the crown on the side of the watch. The spring gradually unwinds and turns tiny interlocking wheels which move the watch hands to measure seconds, minutes, and hours.
  • The Automatic, or self-winding watches, “wind themselves” as the wearer moves his/her wrist. The wearer’s actions cause a weight behind the movement to rotate, winding the mainspring. They can also be wound manually.
  • Batteries, rather than a mechanical spring, power electronic watches. The batteries send electronic impulses through a small bar of synthetic quartz crystal, which vibrates more than 32,000 times per second. Those vibrations are channeled through other watch parts to result in one impulse per second.
  • The terms Analog and Digital refer to the way time is displayed on the dial. “Analog” simply refers to a watch with traditional time telling “hands.” All mechanical watches are analogs. Quartz analogs are watches in which the hands are moved by the electronic impulses passing from the battery through the quarts crystal to a step motor which moves the hands.
  • Chronograph watches measure small fractions of a second. Some are used to calculate speeds, distances, and altitudes.

Please come to our Fort Collins store to see our wide variety of fine watches for men and our elegant collection of watches for women.