Pearls Are Natures Gift From The Sea!

pearlsPearls are rare and very special. Here are some quick facts that prove it:

1. It takes over 800,000 oyster hours to grow the cultured pearls that make up a high quality strand.

2. A pearl farmer must meticulously sort through almost 10,000 pearls in order to collect the 47 matched pearls that will make up a high quality necklace. All the pearls in an assembled strand must match in terms of luster, shape, color, and size.

3. Japanese Akoya pearls are the most difficult to grow due to the low survival rates of the host oysters. Less than 5 in 10 will survive the nucleation process. Of the survivors, about 40% will successfully en

circle the shell nucleus irritant with nacre. Overall, less than 5% of all pearl output can be considered “high quality.”

Pearls Throughout History

The ancients believed that pearls contained magical properties that would promote health, wealth, and long life.

Pearls are one of the earliest known gems to be coveted by man. Long before diamonds and gold were discovered and

mined, pearls already were highly prized and traded – more than 5,000 years ago.

White Pearl Earrings During the crusades, dashing knights wore pearl jewelry into battle, believing that this sea born gem would protect them from harm and misfortune.

It is tradition for the groom to present his bride with a pearl necklace or pearl earrings on their wedding day and that she wears them in the wedding ceremony. He can choose from a strand of pearls or a variety of fashion necklaces for her to adorn her neck with. A pearl bracelet, earrings, and rings may also be given on that day.

A gift of pearls for the mother’s of the bride and groom are given prior to the wedding as a token of love and appreciation.

Pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, or other pearl accessories make the perfect gift for the brides wedding party. We have available pendant and pearl earring sets at very affordable prices. Each member of the wedding party will appear to the wedding in style in their matching pearl ensembles. Sather’s Jewelers in Fort Collins offers a variety of pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelet options.