Our Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry

gemstonesLike flowers, colored gemstones come in every hue, tone and saturation. Both are born of the earth and evolve into something exquisite.
They are warm.
They are cool.
They are beautiful.
But unlike flowers whose beauty fades with time, the beauty of colored gemstone jewelry is everlasting.

From Emerald Rings to Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sather’s has a gallery of gemstones designed to introduce you to the exciting world of colored gemstone. You may see tones familiar to you and you might find a emerald ring that catches your attention. Or you may discover some fascinating and beautiful gemstones you have never seen before!

Gathered from all corners of the world, every colored gemstone is a unique creation that brings with it a rich history that blends the mystery of Nature with the skill of man.

In planning your jewelry wardrobe, it is helpful to understand what your options are. While most people are familiar with the ruby necklace, or emerald ring, or unique sapphire engagement ring, many people are delighted to learn that many gemstones occur in a diverse range of colors.

Just as a landscape artist will mix and match vibrant hues of flowers that best complement your home, you can pick and choose from a vast array of hues to decide which gemstone best suits your unique taste, personality and sense of fashion.

Collecting colored gemstone jewelry is fun, easy and affordable – and the range of sizes and shapes of colored gemstones is practically limitless.

Come into our Fort Collins store and allow our trained professionals to assist you in your choices.