Tacori Jewelry

Achieve perfect harmony with matching Tacori engagement and wedding bands. Share our passion for artistry with exquisite, complementary pieces that reflect our customers’ own stories of love.

TacoriTacori jewelry is the ultimate expression of devotion and brings modern style to a classic tradition. True love stories culminate with marriage, and Tacori engagement and wedding band sets are the ultimate expression of love. These exquisite rings are beautiful family heirlooms to be treasured for generations.

The extraordinary level of care that goes into the creation of Tacori’s exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry also guides the careful selection of Tacori Diamonds. Tacori Diamonds are hand-selected by the world’s foremost gemology experts to ensure the highest quality. This uncompromising level of care and attention to detail is known as the Tacori Touch, and it reflects the passion of the Tacori family for providing beautiful heirlooms to be treasured for generations. This personal touch means you can be confident that each and every Tacori jewelry piece, and each Tacori Diamond, is a uniquely timeless work of art.

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