Sather’s: A Brief History

In 1910 at 126 Walnut Street in Spooner, Wisconsin, the first Sather’s Jewelers store opened on an unpaved street near a post office, the Spooner Hotel and the Brick Buffet and Café (which prominently offered meals at 35 cents and up).Art Sather’s simple shop, fronted by glass display windows, was the start of a family business that has lasted for five generations.

Art Sather’s brother S.L. Sather opened his own store, eventually moving to Craig, Colorado in 1931. From there S.L.’s four sons opened their own stores in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, and his son, Howard, inherited the Craig store.

In 1965 Howard’s son, Sid, took over in Craig. When Sid’s daughter Julie was a student at CSU, her family came to visit and realized an opportunity, as well as discovering a love for the city. Sid opened the Fort Collins branch in 1987.

The Sather’s Family Tradition

HistorysathersWhether importing, merchandising, repairs or sales, the whole Sather family is involved in one way or another: fathers, daughters, grandchildren, uncles and cousins.

“There have been stores in many different areas, many different states, involving the whole family — every member of the family has been involved in one way or another. It’s always been a matter of choosing a place where a good jeweler was needed.”

– Sid Sather

“Our family has always developed strong relationships with the community by the service that we provide. We strive to be the jewelry store in every town we’ve ever opened in by taking care of the customers. We've been in business since 1910. When you are a part of a family business that has roots this deep, it literally molds and shapes you. Everything I am today is a result of watching, listening and learning from my father. He is the most well rounded business person I have ever encountered. His reputation amongst his peers in our industry speaks for itself. Sales and growth have always been important to him, but his work ethic is so much deeper. I always hear in the back of my head: ‘Take care of the customer…sometimes it is easier than others, but take care of the customer.’ He taught me, ‘Be honest, be fair and trust your gut instinct. When that doesn’t work, get on your knees and ask for guidance.'”

– Julie Sather


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