Brendan & McKenna – July’s Winners

Brendan and I met in early 2012 and have been dating ever since. We have known for way longer than we’ve been engaged that we wanted to spend forever together. Since I am very organized and don’t like surprises, we… read more

Evan and Angela

Evan & Angela

3 wonderful years ago I caught the fish of my dreams. Online dating wasn’t really doing anything for me and I was about to give up on it. Then one day I had an email from a lovely lady stating,… read more

Jay and Janel

Jay & Janel

Our love story is pretty simple and sweet but a wonderful portrayal on waiting on the Lords timing. I met Jay at work after a wind storm thrashed his SUV. People meet everyday but I was definitely drawn to him… read more

Marta & Matt

Marta & Matt – June Winner

Our love story began over 6 years ago, when we were just 18 years old. Matt and I met at the University of Tampa during our freshman year- he is from Colorado, and I, from Connecticut. Late during our junior… read more

Meaghan Couture

Meaghan & Thomas – May Winner

Thomas and I are happy to announce our ‪#‎LoveStory‬! Thomas and I have known each other since 2000 and were always friends. We reconnected again in 2013 after I had spent 3 years in England getting my degree and he… read more

Kaitlyn & Michael

Kaitlyn & Michael – April Winner

My love story with Michael began in high school and although we consider ourselves high school sweethearts, we only met one week before I graduated. We somehow missed each other in the halls and at basketball games, but we believe… read more

Tana & Richard

Tana & Richard

Tana and Rick’s Love story! Our love story actually begins approximately 29 years ago when Rick and I first met when we were both out with friends for FAC. There was certainly an attraction right away! Rick and I became… read more

Jared and Angie

Jared & Angie – March Winner

Angie and I met through mutual friends, reluctantly as we’ve both had some bad experiences…After four hours of laughing on the phone we went on our first date (4/16/14), many fun dates and romantic moments later we knew this was… read more

Erin and Daryl

Erin & Daryl – February Winner

The Interstate Love Story: I (Erin) was living in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Daryl was in Chicago, but we’re both from Wisconsin. My sister lived in Arizona and moved home to WI to teach for just one year. She taught… read more

Sather's Jewelers Love Stories - Jonathan & Michie

Jonathan & Michie – January Winner

It was a clear, summer day. The perfect weather for a proposal. I had gone into Sather’s Jewelers a couple weeks earlier and found the ring that I knew she was going to love. Michie was scheduled to work that… read more